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This article is not for Korean but for worldwide gamer who use English. The Korean (한국어) version is here ☞

The Witcher  2 : Assassins of Kings has the most beautiful and cinematic graphic among recent all RPGs and I even can tell the graphic quality is top class of all kinds of games. However, it's hardware optimization is not that good, so we had to optimize the graphic configuration on the launcher.

I have tested the Low, Medium, High, Ultra preset of Witcher 2 and found detail option settings per each preset and changes of User.ini file in 'config' folder.

I think this is quite useful for many fans of Witcher 2 and I am going to share the comparison table and with screenshots. I also provide FPS(Frame per Second) range at each preset on my PC.

Here is the spec. of my PC

  • CPU - Intel i5-2500K 
  • Main Board - ASUS P8P67 Pro
  • VGA - RADEON HD 6950 1GB (ASUS) : Factory Clock (GPU=810MHz, Memory=1250MHz)
  • Memory - 8GB
  • OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
  • Monitor - DELL U2711 2560*1440 (Display Port)

and I checked the FPS by 'Bandicam' which is tool for checking FPS and capturing game video and screenshot.

Here is the table, which shows how each configuration preset determines detail graphic options of Witcher 2 and variables of User.ini file. I also note the FPS range just below the preset name.


Yellow : Changes from Low to Medium
Green : Changes from Medium to High
Sky-blue : Changes from High to Ultra


Screenshot comparison between each preset

( You can see the 1920*1080 full resolution images by clicking them. )

1. Gerald(Hero of Witcher) and Background

2. Close-up of Gerald

3. Other Characters

4. Texture Quality of Tent 

5. Light Shaft and Motion Blur from High preset

6. Ultra preset without Uber Sampling

Evaluation of Witcher 2 graphic from Low to Ultra configuration

The screenshots might not show exact difference because I didn't capture them exact same position and condition in game. Anyway, I feel the quite differences between presets.

  • Quite good graphic even at the low configuration

  • At Low, there are some loss of texture and decal, but that is not so serious.

  • You can feel the biggest difference from Low to Medium. The quality of texture is uprising.

  • From Medium to High, you can feel big change of graphic. Light shaft and motion blur are most impressive visible effects. Moreover, you can see the whole scene is much more better because of Sharpening and Anti-aliasing 

  • From High to Ultra, you can have feeling like touched cinematic image via some kind of filter, Uber smapling make. It is so good but not as impressive as from Medium to High. You can see what I mean with above captures of tent's texture and tatoo of other characters.

  • This is RPG, so average 30 FPS is enough. On my PC High is proper preset. Uber sampling is not efficient considering it makes FPS half. 

  • Actually, my PC spec. is above than average, so most gamer may have some problem to run Witcher 2 on High preset, even on Medium preset. Prequel Witcher was also has not good optimization when it is launced. I really hope that Witcher 2 should be patched in near future. Anyway, the graphic of Witcher 2 is really awesome. The Dragon Age 2 is not only optimized but also does not give impressive graphics :(

How can you optimize the Witcher 2 graphic more than the presets ?

  • You can get 28~45 FPS if you turn off Uber sampling option on Ultra preset. This is a little bit worse that High preset and... even you can get 30~50 FPS if you turn of Vsync. This is RPG so there has not many situation of vertical scrolling. Thus, I recommend turn Vsync(vertical sync) option. Furthermore, on window mode Vsync option is almost meaningless. 

  • Thus, I recommend turn Vsync(vertical sync) option. Furthermore, on window mode Vsync option is almost meaningless. This option is forced from Medium preset. I think this is not recommended setting.

  • Max FPS is a little bit higher at High preset than Ultra with Uber smapling and Vsync off, but average FPS is more stable at Ultra. I thinks it depends on PC spec. and you might need to check texture settings at User.ini.

  • Motion blur may result in frame drop often. If you don't like this effect much, you'd better turn it off. In my case, I prefer to watch surroundings while moving, so I turn it off :)

  • SSAO option is on from Medium preset. It does not affect the graphic quality seriously. But the performance gain by turning it off is depend on your system. You need check it.

  • If you want more FPS performance setting than Low preset,
    • AllowBloom=0
    • AllowCutsceneDOF=0
    • AllowVignette = 0
    • DanglesLimiter=1
    • DetailTextureDownscale=1

  • For your information. Now, Witcher 2 has a bug that does not support launching 2560*1440 resolution with full screen mode. You have to select 1920*1080 resolution if you want full screen mode. 

  • If you still want to play the game on 2560*1440 with the feeling of full screen, you can launch it with window mode. In this case, it is recommended that you should check 'Auto Hide Task Bar' in Windows. :)

In addtion, the first two lines of User.ini


means that...

CustomRenderingSettings : 1 = customized / 0 = not customized from default preset
PerformancePlatform : 0, 1, 2, 3 that means Low, Medium, High, Ultra
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